“I had the pleasure of working with director Sara Campos-Silvius as an actor for her short film, Power Chord. Sara’s spirit is exuberant and contagious. The set was filled with an encouraging, supportive and positive team energy. She was clear about her vision, and assembled a crack team of competent women and men to work together and make it happen. I felt that we had great freedom to play and experiment within the framework she established for us. I was amazed that even when faced with a time crunch, Sara and her team remained calm, focused and generous. I would work with Sara again in a heartbeat.”
– Heather Pattengale, Actor, POWER CHORD

“Sara is wonderful to work with as a director. She has a clear vision of what she wants and communicates this in a direct way to her collaborators. Sara allows her performers to make offers and suggestions on character and script, giving a wonderful sense of autonomy to the artists she is working with. She is extremely organized and extremely fun! I felt super well cared for as a human and an artist during my time working with her. If you ever get the chance to work with Sara you should jump at it!”
– Ainsley Hillyard, Actor, POWER CHORD

“I have now worked with Sara twice as my director. She directed the shorts The Inner Ring as well as Power Chord that I had the pleasure of being a part of. As an actor, I have worked with a handful of directors and Sara is one of those with an exceptional vision. She is dedicated to her craft and very passionate about her profession—something that translates to how she carries herself, her set, cast and crew.” 
– Dianne Wulf, Actor, THE INNER RING and POWER CHORD

“Sara is, in all forms, a true artist. She is remarkably courageous in her artistic visions and generous in her contributions. Sara’s personal brand of honesty, excellence, and fairness is a gift to experience, shining through in both process and product. She is also fun to be around, delightfully positive, and an amazingly talented performer.”
– Tonya Rae Chrystian, Dramatist, University of Alberta

“Sara is a brilliant creative collaborator because of her willingness, artistic drive, and ability to problem solve. She’s so organized and timely without losing any flexibility and creativity. Sara is an unstoppable creator armed with dedication, patience, and passion that fuels her artistic vision.”
– Sylvia Douglas, filmmaker and Dougie Creative

“Sara Campos-Silvius’ script, Moonie And Maybee Dig Up A Grave, was smart, original, and created an immersive world full of excitement and wonder. Her ability to explore meaningful and thought-provoking themes through accessible, inclusive, and imaginative characters solidified her as the clear winner of the Accidental Humour Co.’s 2021 Accidental Authors Playwriting Competition.” – Accidental Humour Co.